Shape-Shifting Battery Which Fits Every Size

Rechargeable batteries are a solution for keeping batteries out of the landfill, but you still have to have the right size for your device, which means buying more batteries. What if you could buy just a small handful of batteries that fit all of your devices? That’s the solution presented by The A to D Battery, a single nickel hydroxide battery core wrapped in memory foam that you can simply squish right into that remote control.

The battery is a AA size core with a memory foam wrap that expands to fit larger slots, up to size D.

Gadjitz writes, “Given the small capacity of the battery, it’s hard to imagine that it would provide much life for any gizmo. But when you really need something to work right now, being able to grab a one-size-fits-all battery would be the very definition of convenience.”

We fully agree – some devices call for D batteries because it needs that much juice to run. Plus, we aren’t sure how your devices would react to having memory foam jammed into them. Heat is one issue, and foam that wants to expand (and therefore bust out of the battery slot) is another. Perhaps a solution is a memory foam wrap that can be removed when using smaller sizes, and added on when needing the core to fit into larger battery slots. But the concept itself is appealing.

Designing more sustainable batteries is not an easy task, and most designers bomb on the idea. However, there are a few designs that have stood out as having potential, like batteries wrapped in a solar cell for recharging, or batteries you could shake to recharge. It’s a tough job, but we’re glad designers are taking a crack at dreaming up solutions that can help us cut down on grid energy consumption as well as materials consumption. And, waxing optimistic, if designers keep up the innovation, perhaps we won’t need batteries at all one day.

But untill we see this battery into life, here is a small hack to make a battery adapter

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