Rebels In Syria Made DIY Tank From TVs And PS Controller (Video)

Indeed necessity is the mother of all Inventions! Mankind has achieved much of the inventions on the basis of necessities. A few days ago in Syria, Rebels who are fighting against the regime of President Bashaar Asad, made their own DIY version of a military tank. They have taken their programming skills to the next level and have produced a DIY tank using old televisions and a PS controller. This DIY tank is being called “Sham II” (in honor of ancient Syria). There are no windows and the top mounted five cameras feed images to LCD screens in the cabin using which the driver maneuvers the tank. The tank has a 7.62 mm machine gun that is controlled by a PlayStation joystick (probably the best feature of this tank). In terms of looks, it might be crappy junk, but who cares until the DIY tank is fulfilling the purpose it is built for. According to sources, the tank which is mounted on a car chassis, and cost around $10,000 to produce. Some pictures of this tank in action:



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