How to improve your iPhone Battery Life

When you upgrade your favorite iPhone device to iOS 4.3, you will notice a decrease in battery life of your device. Most of iPhone users are facing this issue and they have complained. Apple is here to listen your problems and it is expected that the problem will be fixed in iOS 4.3.1. But! It is not yet confirmed whether issue will be fixed in iOS 4.3.1 or not.

iPhone users reported that is problem is addressed when they disable social music network of Apple. Later on, Apple had introduced a feature in order to activate Ping notifications in iOS 4.3. Moreover, Apple also had added ability to disable for Ping by using Parental controls.

If your iPhone battery life has decreased by upgrade to iOS 4.3 then you can improve it by disabling Ping. This tip will surely help you. Below steps will tell you how to disable Ping. Have a look!

  • Go to Settings app from iPhone, tap on “General” and then “Restrictions”.
  • Click on “Enable Restrictions” to make changes.
  • Write down passcode that you need to enable the restrictions. Give simple passcode that you can remember easily.
  • Switch ping to “OFF”. That’s it! Your battery life issue for iPhone would be resolved.

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