Tether your iPhone to Linux operating system

Most of the Companies do not support Linux operating system. Apple is also one of them. It would be great if any Company adds extra functionalities in products. Now Apple offers Linux support to tether iPhone device. That’s pretty awesome. Most of the people don’t know what is tethering. Here you will get the answer.

Basic knowledge on Shell Scripting

Most of the users are not familiar with “Shell Scripting” that is used often in Linux forums. If you learn shell scripting, you will be able to learn command line and file management tasks better. Moreover, this method can save your time too. If you are a Linux user then definitely you have to play

Usability of other OS with Mac

In order to talk about the Parallels Desktop for the Mac just we can just say that it is really amazing. The Parallel is moving the product ahead of version 1.0 for improvement as there is nothing in the world that is perfect. For those people who want to run Microsoft Windows or some version

Top 10 Uses for Wi-Fi other than connecting to the Internet

Hearing the term ‘Wi-Fi’, the first thing that comes to mind is net surfing. But, there are numerous other gifts that Wi-Fi has granted us and today we are going to talk about some uses of the Wi-Fi other than the traditional web access. No 10. Use your Smartphone as a Remote Control If all

Top 10 Secure Operating Systems

The security of any operating systems is likely to be a difficult or even contentious issue to examine. The only, truly secure operating systems are those that lack contact to the outside world. As for any other OS they’ll certainly have some sort of susceptibility or weakness that can be exploited. 10. Mac OS X:

10 Ways to Recover Data Off a Crashed Hard Disk

Losing precious data to a crashed hard drive is our worst nightmare. Having the shortest life expectancy of all computer components, it can cause irreparable damage to the user. But luckily there exist numerous methods of data retrieval from a crashed hard disk. Here we have brought together ten methods of data rescue. Get Help