Top 10 Secure Operating Systems

The security of any operating systems is likely to be a difficult or even contentious issue to examine. The only, truly secure operating systems are those that lack contact to the outside world. As for any other OS they’ll certainly have some sort of susceptibility or weakness that can be exploited.

10. Mac OS X:

This Apple OS knob user authentication and permission better than Microsoft Windows XP, but it still contains remote exploits in its systems. That joined with Apple’s slow reply to many of its security threats. Graphically Mac OS X is really improved and with the support of Apple accessories, it is used by many Mac lovers.

9. Oracle Solaris:

Oracle has delivered Oracle Solaris 11 Express, the latest version of the Solaris operating system the company bought in its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. However, the new “Express” release is aimed at developers as a preview to the full version of Solaris 11. This Oracle Solaris Unix-OS distinction is on the lower notch of this article’s security ranking because it’s not naturally security-focused.

8. HP-UX 11i:

HP-UX is not most commercially popular OS in the market today; this Unix-based Hewlett-Packard OS has been included in this list because of its better-quality security policies to several more popular operating systems (Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux).

7. Windows XP:

Windows XP is the Microsoft’s greatest and most long-running releases (because of Vista’s malfunction to support previous versions software and drivers). With latest updates and patches Windows XP become pretty much secure. Disastrously, it’s also one of the most non-secure operating systems of all time as well (before the launch of Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3). Because it runs a lot of network services & allows users to access full rights by default, it also gets hacked and breached on a nigh-daily basis by default as well.

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