Basic knowledge on Shell Scripting

Most of the users are not familiar with “Shell Scripting” that is used often in Linux forums. If you learn shell scripting, you will be able to learn command line and file management tasks better. Moreover, this method can save your time too.

If you are a Linux user then definitely you have to play with command line. There are few things that you can perform easily with this interface rather than clicking or pointing to. The command line shell is basically a program itself.

Shell scripts allow you to program the commands in chain and then execute these commands as scripting events. They are same as batch files you see in Windows. Command substation is another good function in it. By using shell scripting, you can invoke command and then use command input like it is a part of file naming scheme. Moreover, they use programming functions including, loop, if statements, if else statements and so on.

You use base shell that use Linux distribution. It works on MAC OS X operating system and Cygwin works on Windows OS. As this shell is universal so you should be able to script regardless of your own platform. Keep in mind than scripts are able to work properly on different platforms with small or now requirement of tweaking.

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