Tricks on text editor

If you are a MAC user then probably you might know text editors. In this tutorial you will get to know interesting text tricks on few of editors that most of you may not know. Check out please and have fun!

View text in columns

Tofu is a utility that lets you to grab any text and then reformat it into columns so it could be read easily as you see on newspaper.

Split Text Windows

Window splitter is another useful thing. You will see a small size gray box on top right side. What you need to do is simply drag it downside and your window will be split.

Conversion from text to HTML

It is headache to write your own HTML. There are different conversion tools and Markdown is one of them. It is perfect text to HTML conversion tool for web writers. Download Markdown tool and then save it in ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Unix Support/Unix Filters. It will appear in Unix Filters menu and you can give it keyboard shortcut to easy access.


You can enjoy TextMate for coding like many other people. Excellent useful feature is Control+Shift+W that allow you to pack the selected text in paragraph tags. It also lets you to edit tags immediately.

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