Top 10 Most Common New Years Resolutions That Many People Have Yet To Accomplish

As we party, drink and have fun with our family and friends we must all ensure that we take some time to reflect on the year that will pass in a couple of hours. Just the same, we must sit down to think about what changes we should make for ourselves in this upcoming year. According to statistics, 45% of the people in the U.S. make New Year resolutions. There are some common ones that seem to reappear on people’s lists as they find them difficult to actually keep. In no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 most common and regularly unfilled New Year resolutions.


1. Lose Weight/ Exercise More

new year resolution 1

Accounting for about 25% of New Years resolutions is promising to lose weight and exercise more. As our determination last for only a few weeks, most of the new gym permanent passes go idle by as soon as February. We go back to our unhealthy, obese routine of eating whatever we want, whenever we want.


2. Quit Smoking

new year resolution 2

There is no benefit to smoking, everyone knows that. It slowly poisons your body, it turns your teeth yellow, it gives your clothes a bad odours, and the most annoying of them all, it is expensive! While some smokers realize the negatives of smoking and want to quit it, only 10% of those who make the resolution are strong enough to permanently quit the bad habit.


3. Quit Overindulging in Alcohol

new year resolution 3

Those of us who always find ourselves suffering from a bad hangover after every wild party would wake up in the morning saying “I’m never going to drink again!”. A considerable amount of people always make it their New Year resolution to either quit or reduce drinking, but like a smoking addiction, an alcohol addiction often evolves into a physical dependence, which is extremely difficult to get rid of.


4. Pay Off Debts and Save More

new year resolution 4

Getting out of our debts means requiring a major reduction in engaging in our conventional habits, something that many of us find more harder to give up than giving up a alcohol addiction. As for saving money, there is a 14% chance that it will appear on many American’s New Years resolution list.


5. Stop Procrastinating

new year resolution 5

One of the many guilty roots of stress, anxiety, a sense of guilt, crisis, and even health problems, is procrastination. It is particularly widespread among up to 95% of college students.


6. Avoid Stress or Manage It Better

With only 5% of people actually doing it, managing stress is very often difficult, vague, and hard to measure. Stressing less is likely to be the very first resolution you’ll break this new year.


7. Be Charitable

new year resolution 8

Statistics show that donations are several times higher in Christmas than in any other time of the year and as the holiday ends, the generosity considerably decreases as people return to their everyday reality.


8. Improve A Relationship

new year resolution 7

As Christmas brings feelings of love and kindness, those of us that might have a bad relationship with a family member will find ourselves wanting to resolve to improve a relationship. However, soon after the holiday atmosphere and festive spirit is over, reconciling is the last thing that we care about.


9. Eat Healthier

new year resolution 9

Eating healthier is another praiseworthy vow that we often make. It is however particularly difficult to keep because many of us just can’t do without the tasty and easily accessible fast foods. A good start though is increasing our daily amount of fruit and veggies.


10. Be Organized

new year resolution 10

Whether it’s managing our time more properly or keeping a check of how we go about our daily lives, being organized is another important thing many people wish to improve and New Year is a great opportunity to start working on it.

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