Self-Sufficient Pocket-Sized Greenhouse Offers Pure Air With No Nurturing Required

lives glass 1

Having your own garden does not come easy as after sowing your seeds, you have to nurture the plant as your own child by watering it everyday and ensuring that it gets enough sunlight to grow healthy. The world as it is needs more greenery in places such as cities and urban towns. As such, Australia-based designer Xindong (Jonathan) Che is formalizing a way to add more plants to the modern world with the absence of the hassle of caring for them.

lives glass 2

The project by Che involves transforming average hourglasses into miniature greenhouses that he calls the Lives Glasses. In the bottom half of the hourglass-shaped gizmo, there is a live plant; and in the top half, there is a water tank. This top half that is filled with water functions as an irrigation system for the plant as it allows the water to slowly trickle down to the plant without causing over-hydration or the dehydration of your green companion. At the bottom of the apparatus, there is also a little hole that releases the plant’s oxygen to purify the air.

lives glass 3

While the invention was designed to offer a stress-free way to have plants in your environment for a clear and purer air, its design makes it great for being in any home or office. For more about the project, check out Che on Behance.

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