VMware has announced Fusion 4 virtualization software

Today Fusion 4 has been announced by VMware that is the latest virtualization software version and now available to play with OS X lion. It adds full OS X lion support such as Spotlight that makes Windows just like Mac. You will see an improvement in Expose and spaces support in Windows. Moreover, it allows you to use the mission control and explore Windows applications from Launchpad.

This latest fusion software is able to run OS X Lion just as a virtual machine and according to VMware claims regarding 3D graphics, improvement in performance and resource hogging. It lets you to use Windows Bluetooth device on MAC. Not only this, you can also use cell phones, GPS receivers, USB, mp3 players and all other input devices that are compatible to Windows only. You can get it with the cost of $50 for this year and it will jump to cost $ 80 from January to onwards.

VMware Fusion 4 is for students, home users and business professionals that are in search of fastest and easiest method for running the Windows programs on MAC operating system without acquiring for rebooting. You don’t need to choose between Mac and Windows at the startup time, VMware Fusion 4 gives you facility to run Windows and MAC apps side by side from your boot partition.

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