Vodafone Confirms iPhone 5 will come with 16GB and 32GB variants

You might be familiar to Vodafone that is the most famous handset carrier in Europe. It has uncovered few details about latest upcoming Apple product that is iPhone 5. It stated that iPhone 5 will come in two colors: black and white. White color iPhone 5 will have 16 GB and also 32 GB memory options. Moreover it claims that the report is fully confirmed.

Mistakenly Vodafone carries has announced this information regarding iPhone 5 on Vodafone Sure signal’s product webpage. Vodafone device signal is actually a signal booster that also supports many other smartphones too. Vodafone listed iPhone 5 details in list of compatible Smartphones.

Vodafone has removed this information quickly from product page. If you go to page and check out the compatible phones, you will see that iPhone 5 is now more listed here. If it was not a typing error then it is fully confirmed that iPhone will come in 16GB and 32 GB variant options.

Well! iPhone 5 preorders will start on September 30 and as the iPhone 5 release is concerned, huge possibility is that it will release on October 21. It seems that Apple will not delay its latest generation iPhone because more people are curious and are expecting from Apple that it will announce their new product on WWDC 2011.

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