How to encrypt backup files on your iPhone or iPad device

Few days back, it was revealed about iPhone and iPad that keeping track of your location is now possible. Don’t worry at all. Here is a technique to overcome this problem. By making encryption of all backups, you can save you from this issue. All you need is to delete those backups that are not encrypted and then use iTunes to encrypt all backups. Let’s follow below steps to know deeply


  • Connect your iPhone device to iTunes. Click on device tab that is located on sidebar. You will see various checkbox options. Check the box “Encrypt iPhone backup” and a dialog box will appear.
  • Write password to protect your device backup file. Make sure that password you enter is secure and easy to remember. If you forgot your password, then you would not be able to restore any of the backup. After choosing password, click on “Set Password” button. It will start making encryption of backup for your device.
  • Once it completed, delete backups that are old and are not encrypted. To do so, click on iTunes and then preferences on MAC OS X. if you are using Windows, then click on “Edit” and then “Preferences” option. From listed tabs, click on “Device”. Here you will see list of backup devices. Select backup that you want to delete and then click on “Delete Backup” button. Now, no one could access your location except giving hard efforts into it.

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