How to fix the Faulty Silent Button of iPhone?

Apple iPhone is indeed a very innovative invention. Apart from featuring so many functionalities it is too sensitive and a little mishandling can lead to serious problems. Sometimes on dropping or mishandling the iPhone, its silent button gets damaged and do not function properly. This silent button can be repaired by following below steps.

To repair the switch, you will need the following things:

  • Screw driver #00
  • IPhone OEM audio jack cable
  • Razor blade
  • Flat blade screw driver

Now follow the given steps

  • Remove the tray containing SIM card by removing the cover of antenna.
  • Take out the screws which are holding head phone, switches and back of the phone.
  • Now lightly un-wrap the flex cable which attaches the whole unit with the power switch.
  • From the original ringer, take out the metal piece and replace it with a new metal piece. Pull the small piece of plastic which is there on the new metal piece. The new metal piece is also provided with a tape to hold it down.
  • Now screw all the things but leave the power switch. From the flex cable, remove the piece of plastic and fix it at its original position.
  • Now screw the power switch.
  • Fix the back with screws and replace cover of antenna.

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