Installation of Android on iPhone

Follow the given steps to install android on iPhone. First we need to do some steps to ready the device for the android installation.


  • Download .ipsw file from the marvell’s website.
  • Make a new folder “firmware” in the home directory of Linux machine.
  • Extract the file “SD-8686-FEDORA26FC6-SYSKT-GPL-9.70.3.p24-26409.P45” to temp folder.
  • From the above extracted file, get “FwImage/sd8686.bin” and “FwImage/helper_sd.bin” and place them in firmware folder.
  • Change the name of “helper_sd.bin” to the “sd8686_helper.bin”.

This was for wlan firmware. Now for multitouch firmware:

  • After few moments, you will get “zephyr2.bin”, “zephyr_aspeed.bin” and “zephyr_main.bin” in the idroid folder. Add these files to the folder of idroid.
  • Install openssh in to the iPhone.

Now we are ready to install android.

  • Extract the files “prebuilt/cache.img”, “prebuilt/android.img.gz”, “prebuilt/userdata.img”, “prebuilt/system.img”, “prebuilt/ramdisk.img”, and “zImage” from prebuilt tarball.
  • Upload the files in to “/private/var” using scp command or sftp client. Through scp, use the following commands to upload the files.

  • Restart the iPhone.
  • Extract the files utils/oibc, utils/loadibec, and prebuilt/openiboot.img3 from prebuilt tarball to idroid folder
  • Power off the iphone and switch it to recovery mode.
  • Open the terminal and run the following commands.

  • From the boot menu, select the option of console to launch it.
  • Now in the terminal, type the following commands. Press enter after each command

  • To exit from the terminal, press Ctrl + C.
  • Open openiboot and select the OS from the menu to boot android from.


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