Fairytale Adobe Hotel In Bolivia Wields Peace & Relaxation With Its Uniquity

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After falling in love with a Bolivian woman and deciding to settle down in the small town of  Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, this 21-year-old German sculptor named Martin Stratker decided to shape his own dream. A dwelling featuring sunny terraced gardens, solar water heaters, wood burners crafted from mud, and custom-made furniture in adobe suites, is what he created with a great imagination. The weird yet wonderful home called Las Olas (The Waves) looks like it belongs to a fairy tale and so agreed by its visitors.

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Distinguishing itself from the ordinary square-shaped homes, the Las Olas has shelters that shape like tortoises, teepees, and snails, among other natural forms. Each room has both privacy and a marvellous view as they are built on a slope. With help from local builders Marcelino Arias and Mario Mendoza, Martin was able to build his home to represent his passion for organic architecture with no straight lines.

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The home was mainly built for adobe, however, stones, mud and wood that was taken from its lot was also used. After being opened 8 years ago, the home now has a total of 21 rooms and 8 private shelters. The structures of the home ground are all connected by a lovely terraced garden that is comprised of flourishing native species, watered with filtered grey water from the hotel.

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People looking to relax for their holiday would definitely adore this place as there are hammocks, deck chairs, stone tables and fire pits, perfect for unwinding. Local, low-cost, natural materials of each room and the round shape of some of the buildings are said to popular among the ancient Chiripa people.

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As it relates to the interior of the shelters, they are all designed to have the same comfort of a home as they have their own integrated living area, a small kitchen unit, a bedroom and a bathroom. The best things at Las Olas is that everything is unique, sourced-locally found, and sustainable, and it is the perfect place for peace-loving guests that desire the absence of hordes of tourists.

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