Navy Seals Punished For Consulting Medal OF Honour War Fighter

Medal of Honor War Fighter — the new EA’s game comes up with a bad news for 7 U.S Navy seals. The seven members of “SEAL TEAM SIX” who have done special operations including the killing of Osama Bin Ladin have been  punished by the disciplinary committee of US Navy. According to CBS News reports, these seven members of Seal Team Six have been formally reprimanded by the US Navy for breaking their non-disclosure agreements with the government.  The Seals showed development team of the game some of the special military equipment without permissions of the Navy. They also gave the developers private demonstrations on how to build a bomb. Though this information might not mean much in real terms, but what really matters is that according to U.S Navy, the seven members of Seal team six have shared highly classified information with the developers. This also includes tactical plans and planning patterns of the Special forces.

As for now the punishment includes a letter of reprimand which will most likely kill the chances of any promotion in the future and will also include the seizure of salary for two months. Four other seals are under investigation for the same offence.

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