How to delete the Search History of iPhone?

Apple iPhone endorses its users with marvellous browsing experience. Users really enjoy browsing with Safari. All the browsing and search history is saved by Safari. However, some users do not want to get it saved. The users report that in spite of deleting history, cookie and cache, Safari still shows the search history. This problem can be fairly solved by following below steps:

  • Open Settings and click Safari.
  • Change your search engine.
  • Click the home button.
  • Click Safari.
  • Click settings and then click on Safari.
  • Now click Clear History, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache respectively.
  • Now switch back the original search engine.
  • Click home button.

Now when you will launch Safari, you can verify that no history is there. To delete bookmarked pages click the icon of Bookmarks at the bottom of Safari. Go to History and click clear.

As a handier tip, you can also delete Google search history by going to preferences of Google. Remove all the entries and check the option of never remember.

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