Now Watch 3D Movies On Your iPhone

Thanks to modern trends, 3D movies are now hitting the shelves and are in great demand. People want to have more 3D content and are even turning their homes into 3D theaters. Looking at the demand of 3D,  Hasbro team decided to step ahead by bringing 3D on the go for every smartphone user. So

Your iPhone was Built by 13 Year Old Children Working 16 Hours a Day

Did you know that your iPhone was built (in part) by 13 year old children? According to US based radio show “This American Life”, these little souls work 16 hours a day and get just 70 Cents per hour! Although manufacturers in China are copying cars and taking international manufacturers to court, China being the leader of machinery

Apple Pays $21Million For The Swiss Clock Face

Whoa! $21 Million for a watch! Seriously? Swiss federal railway (SBB) got unhappy by Apple’s clock-face design in iOS 6. So they claimed that the clock looked similar to there own famous design, The design which has been used in train station clocks throughout Switzerland. The design was also honored by the Museum of Modern Art

Give Your MacBook Pro Keyboard Some Woody Touch

If your are tired with the old looks of your MacBook Pro and you are thinking that its the right time for giving it a change then check out this new Lazer Wood Decal for your MacBook Pro keyboard. Undoubtedly its beautiful, reliable and eye catching. This new decal will bring a whole new sophisticated woody look to

Philips HUE – Your New Colorful Bulb

Previously LIFX unveiled the concept of multi-coloured bulbs and these revolutionary light bulbs were controlled through smartphones. Now Philips has presented a similar product known as HUE. This smart bulb can let you control the colors, intensity, brightness and shade through an iPhone or an iPad. You can also  capture an image using your smart device and

iPad Mini Launched! Apple Expects 1.5 Million Units Sale Over Weekend

iPad mini sales open today at US (but just in black colour for now). Despite a couple of weeks behind schedule, Apple is expecting a big warm welcome for iPad mini in market. As per the statement of Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, the expected sale figure would be around 1.5 million units for the new 7.85″ slate.

Samsung Vs Apple – Who Is Winning

Samsung has been doing great in smartphones lately. Remarkably, the company has made record breaking profits in Q3 2012, they also led in global smartphone shipments last year. Samsung latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has also seen huge sucess and according to the latest stats, out of five weeks, four weeks were S3’s best selling

Late Steve Jobs’ Venus Yacht Finally Launched

After plenty of buzz over the internet, The stunning yacht of late Steve Jobs has finally made its first appearance at Aalsmeer, Netherlands. The yacht has been given the name of “Venus” and its named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus is beautifully designed and made from aluminium body. The yacht has been

Sony Smart Watch For Android

Few months ago, Apple released their iPod nano watch in the market, and now there is an Android watch, from Sony. The watch is optimized for Sony Xperia smartphones, but it runs with pretty much every Android handset. All you need is Sony’s LiveWare app along with the SmartWatch plug-in. With this watch, you can check

Story Of The Day: Drowned iPhone Still Found Working After 6 Months

Smartphones are well against multitasking but none can survive the water diving contest. About six months ago,  Ken Hovanes accidentally dropped his iPhone in a lake. The water in the lake was 2 meter deep and was murky black, Ken tried hard to find his lost phone but he couldn’t. So he gave up on