10 Easy Pranks To Pull On Your Friends This April Fools’ Day

It can be hard to plan the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank as they require precise planning. While the big, meticulously planned pranks always tend to get a rise out of the unlucky prankees, it’s the easy, subtle pranks that always come pouring with the most surprise.

For those of us that don’t have the time or energy to go all-out, there are plenty of quick pranks that you can play on your friends using just a few supplies. Though these pranks might be subtle in their planning requirements, the surprise that comes on the prankee’s part is not quite so. In saying this, don’t expect to be forgiven for playing tricks on them before at least mid-April.

Check out these ten (10) easy April Fool’s Day pranks that you can plan to have a laugh off your friends.


1. Dip onions in chocolate and sprinkles.

april fools day 1

Dip onions in chocolate and sprinkles and take them with you to offer your friend. Include one actual treat that is also covered in chocolate and sprinkles, and mark it in a way that won’t be obvious so that you can enjoy that one while your friend eats away the chocolate covered onion.


2. Cover the TV remote sensor with duct tape.

april fools day 2

This prevents your TV from being able to pick up the signals to change the channel or to alter the volume.


3. Replace Oreo Cookie Fillings with White Toothpaste

april fools day 3


4. Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge.

april fools day 4


5. Mess with bathroom signs.

april fools day 5


6.  Fill hollow Easter candies with mustard

april fools day 6


7. Tape an airhorn underneath your friend’s desk chair or on the wall adjacent to a door they will open.

april fools day 7

april fools day 7.1


8. Cover your friends phone in tons of rubber bands.

april fools day 8


9. Alter the auto-correct shortcuts on their iPhone.

april fools day 9

Go to settings and in the keyboard menu, you can add a new shortcut that replaces a commonly used word such as ‘ok’ to a funny word such as ‘kumquat’ or ‘canoodle’.


10. Cover Their Mouse Sensor With The Troll Face

april fools day 10

Similar to what will happen with the TV remote, covering the mouse’s sensor would prevent them from being able to move around the cursor on their computer’s screen.

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