13 delicious everyday-revenge stories!

Evil bosses? Cheating spouses? Bullies? Sometimes it’s the little revenges in life that are sweetest. These stories from AskReddit are of situations we all experienced one way or another – but normally without a chance for payback. It feels good though just knowing that some people get what they deserve.



My brother had just turned 16, got his license, got a car from my parents, and trashed his bicycle – because he didn’t need it anymore. I was 13 and my bike was what got me around. My brother gets grounded a lot, grounded from the car too. He would then just help himself to my bike. After many warnings I took matters into my own hands. I loosened the handle bars on my bike. Seeing the handle bars pop off the bike and him eating street was a glorious day in my revenge book. (theraf8100)



I got hired at law firm to do their IT and to do training. It was a 50/50 split of IT and training. Soon it became all training. The IT was handled by a few people. Anyway, the firm was starting to feel the effects of some financial shifts and was starting to let people go. When this little problem showed up, the company took it upon themselves to decide to cut training all together. I no longer had an IT spot and I was no longer needed for training so they brought me in and fired me because of some trumped up charge (they said I had logged in from home and clocked out. Which I had done, but I always did because I worked on training packets from home and had permission to from the IT Director).

Anyway, I got a job at a different place and started to work and forgot about the firm. One day I am working for the new place and they are about to buy a huge piece of land. They need to build a new office downtown. It is going to be a huge multi-million dollar building and purchase. It is going to be our home office for over 10,000 members. The law firm that I left was going to be the lawyers to handle the the sale, looking to make the firm a nice hefty fee on the sale AND purchase. I convinced our president that the law firm was not secure. I hacked into their server using some inside information I had from when I worked there and showed my President how EASY it was to access personal information.

He dropped them that morning and went to another firm. WHAT is even better is he talked to other places and convinced them not to use them. I don’t feel great about that because it ended up costing a few people in IT their jobs once word of WHY people weren’t using them got out. But one of the people to be fired was the director who lied and said he never gave me permission to work from home.




a good friend was out at a bar with her girlfriend, and this guy came up to try to chat her up, and without even saying hello, grabbed her ass. When she told him that wasn’t cool, he started doing the whole “oh, come on, you should take it as a compliment” thing. So she decided to get revenge. She immediately put on her most vapid, flirty expression, asked him to buy her a drink, teased him, etc.

After about 15 minutes of playing him like a fiddle, she asks if she can borrow his phone to call another friend. Instead, she goes outside, looks through his contacts, and calls his mom. She then proceeds to ask this woman if she had raised her son to assault women and touch them without their permission. The mom went really quiet, and then asked my friend to hand the phone to her son. Apparently, his face as the mother started screaming at him was all the revenge my buddy needed. (ParadoxInABox)



I had the most evil teacher in 2nd grade, she hated the me more than anything. So one day I raised my hand and for about 30 minutes she didn’t call on me but I was persistant. My hand got so tired but reluctantly she called on me. I already knew what I was gonna say, “I was stretching”. She looked at me for 2 seconds then started to shake in anger. You could see god damn veins on her temple. She put me on red that day. But I know it ruined her day. (CobyFecalFingers)



After college, I worked at a store where I basically ran the largest department in the store while the actual department manager did squat. I finally was able to afford to quit the retail job and they tried to keep me by offering more money. I’d asked one of the managers what I should do, only mentioning a pay increase was involved, no dollar amounts.

The main store manager then tried to blackmail me by saying he’d put in my file that I discussed salary with other workers (I never mentioned dollar amount) if I didn’t stay through the holidays. I agreed to stay (I was young and dumb and had a flawless record at this store and wanted to go out on my terms) and watched this guy like a hawk. He was a new manager and I used to work loss prevention before this job and I figured he couldn’t be a good guy and blackmail a young girl.

3 days later, he was escorting a cop friend through the store and the guy made a big purchase while this manager rang him up. I called the store’s l.p. person and told them to do a security check–which involved an announcement on the loud speaker to scare a potential shop lifter and documenting the closest register’s sale, which was the one the manager was ringing up. I then reported my suspicions to the loss prevention manager for the district. Sure enough, he’d given the guy a huge discount and the investigation ended up becoming a massive thing involving state police–it turns out the store manager was in deep in some gambling ring and drug ring and the purchase was a bribe because the cop was in on it.

The manager lost his job and I’m not 100%, but may have done some jail time. I do know his fiancee left him as a result of it. ( HarbingerofGloom)



One of the kids in my brother’s special ed area informed me that some kids had been picking on some of the more severely disabled kids. So, I just went there and followed my brother. Some little sophomore pushed him down and called him names and spat on him. So I sucker punched him and kicked his ribs in. It worked well. He wore the black eye for a good two weeks and it was still visible after that. And his ribs had to be wrapped for awhile too I believe.

Got suspended for a week. The principal asked me to apologize and it offended my dad and I both. Might have gotten less. It was a school in a really nice neighborhood and fights were extremely uncommon so a lot of people wanted me expelled, but the principal has a disabled kid and he was kinda on my side. My dad bought me a new video game and gave me $100 to enjoy my week off school. I knew that this was my duty and he was happy that I did it. (ThoughtRiot1776)



I worked in IT at this company. The IT department has its own budget and one particular line item is for chairs. My chair had just broken, so I looked around for one that wouldn’t kill my back like the last one did. It was a $400 chair and the budget was already allotted for it. I told the finance guy, whom took caring of ordering from vendors, the chair I wanted and sent him a link. He said he would order it right away. Two weeks pass and my new chair comes, but it’s the exact same model as my last shitty chair.

Needless to say I was unhappy. A couple of months go by and the finance guy wants his computer upgraded. Not only does he want an upgrade, but he wants a laptop as well so he can take it home. I then denied his upgrade for two years and when he did finally get a “new” computer, it was a hand-me-down from another department. (advicevice)



My ex, he and I were engaged to be married and the wedding had been paid for by my parents. (Big- fancy and all his idea.) I got a call from a Russian girl claiming to be pregnant by him. He was in the Army and was stationed in Alaska for some time and I was still home. When I confronted him, he of course denied it, swore it was a lie and a desperate attempt at her getting to stay in America by being knocked up by a soldier. I was young, dumb, and believed him. The girl called me over and over, to this day I don’t know how she got my number, but whatever…

about three months prior to the wedding, his best friend called me telling me that it was in fact true and that he had been unfaithful for months leading up to him coming home. I finally talked to her, and she told me she’d even be willing to do a paternity test. She claimed not to have known about me until recently before she started calling. Angry and confused, I gave my ex a chance to explain himself and come clean. I hoped he’d just be honest and we could somehow work through it, but no. He lied to me, straight in the eye- told me I was crazy to believe some “dumb Russian princess.”

So, I told him that I wanted him to consent to a paternity test. He refused. What he failed to realize was that his CO was really good friends with my father along with HIS father. My dad got hold of this information (because I knew what he’d do, I told him) and gave his two buddies a call and they got him to do it.

Turns out, he was in fact the father of this soon to be beautiful little girl. He now has to pay child support to a woman who doesn’t let him see his daughter, lost an incredible amount of respect from his officers, and had to pay my father back for the wedding that never took place, downgrade in apartments, and sell a lot of his musical equipment. In the process he had to sell his beloved car that he loved more than anyone/thing, and I took the engagement ring and sold it, got $10,000 and went on the honeymoon but took my friends. We spent the 10 grand like it was nothing. 🙂 (cincuddlebutt)



I’ve talked about this before in another context but it’s the best revenge story I have. I used to get paid to write essays for people. I wrote all of this girl’s applications essays (8 schools) but she made all sorts of excuses and ended up only paying a fraction of what she owed me. This girl come from a rich family and spends about $10,000/month on her shopping. She could afford to pay me. But she decided to be cheap and not bother paying me…even though my essays helped her get into a much better school than she expected.

I got my revenge though. The school was waayy beyond her academic capabilities so she ended up flunking most of her classes and getting kicked out. Hah. (bankergoesrawrr)



In my early 20’s, living in NYC, my ex blew off date night to go out with co workers and get wasted.

Which was fine, except I had left some work related stuff I needed for the next day on his desk, so I let myself into his place and was in his office when he came home bamboozled with a woman who was definitely not me, and was equally blotto. Unquestionable infidelity ensued. I was too shocked to react, and let myself out after they had passed out.

I knew I needed to end it, but felt too ashamed to admit I knew he had cheated. So I showed up at his door early the next morning with no warning and proceeded to end it for infuriatingly vague “this isn’t working for me” reasons.

He proceeded to go a bit nutty. There was a lot of begging and crying over the next 2 months on his part. He suspected I knew, and proceeded to accuse all of his co workers and friends who had been out that night of telling me, which revealed to them that he was quite the scumbag. His accusations and volatile behavior in the workplace apparently escalated and made people uncomfortable, and him a liability, so he was let go. I was told all of this by a former friend and roommate of my ex. They thought his behavior was despicable and slowly began to cut ties. They also signed a new lease without him. With no job, and no roommates, he had to move back to his hometown and in with his parents. (CrackersDoMatter)



Some background: I was never a ‘cool kid’ in high school.

My senior year, we were allowed to pick our own parking spots in the lot closest to the school. It was first come first served – which meant I woke up at 4 AM to get to school at 5 when the doors opened. As a result, I nabbed a freakin’ sweat spot about ten steps from the school’s front door.

A few months later, one of the meatheads in my year decided my spot was his spot now, and parked his obscenely large pickup there. At first I thought “You know, maybe he was in a rush this morning.” I even approached him with a light “Hey, you know… I see you in that spot there. It’s, uh, mine.”

But when it happened several days in a row I realized this was an ‘on purpose’ kind of thing. So I did a very simple and effective thing: I drove my car riiiiight up to his rear bumper, and parked directly behind him.

I don’t know what was more satisfying – the laughter of my friends, his friends, or the covert approving nods I got from teachers at assembly. I didn’t move my car until I left post-dance practice at about 5:00.

That was the last time anyone tried to park in my spot. The end. (coffee_spoons)



My husband had this awesome cat growing up, his name was Eddie. Eddie would play fetch with whatever you threw, even umbrellas, this cat was the shit. They let Eddie outside daily, he almost lived outside more than in. The neighborhood was quiet and two doors down this guy lived for his flower beds. Well some of the neighborhood animals started to get into the flower beds and dig. The guy got pissed and one night left out some anti-freeze (other neighbors had seen him do it), of course Eddie drank it and died the next day. The vet told hubby’s parents that Eddie had to of gotten into some chemicals and died from it.

My husband (being 15 at the time) took justice into his own hands. He snuck over to this man’s yard and poured gasoline over as many flower beds he could get to. His prized flower beds were wrecked. Hubby’s parents still don’t know to this day. (snippybitch)



Years back I was a manager of a tech support dept for an ISP. Company had 2 call centers plus a data center, I had to manage all personnel, so we used AIM (I know, I’m old) to communicate between buildings. New CEO comes in, and decides he needs to eliminate all chat clients because “people can use them for non work purposes.” (No IT background at all, btw) His solution? Just use the phone! Nevermind that when I’m being messaged by a subordinate, they are already ON the phone with the client. Can we just create work-only handles? No. He says he’ll have our developers build an internal chat client “at some point” (never happens.)

So, since I’m also admin on the mail server, I start reading this asshats email. And wouldn’t you know, he has been spending the vast majority of his time emailing back and forth with his GF in Colorado. Even sending dirty pics back and forth, quite a few taken in his office. I printed the whole load of them out, took about a ream of paper, and handed them to the company owner. Dude was fired the next day. (sp0rkah0lic)



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