Different ways to navigate through home screens in iPhone

If you are having many applications and folders in your iPhone, you will have multiple home screens in that case. So whenever you want to navigate between home screens, you will find different ways to do so. Here are three different ways which will help you in navigating between home screens.

  • First method is very simple and very much used by average user. You will swipe across the home screen to left side or right side. This way you can switch between home screens of your phone.
  • Another way to navigate between home screens is to tap at bottom left corner or right corner of screen. Tap carefully between apps row and it should be above dock. When you do this, it will take you to next screen. This method is not very common and looks hard to do as well.
  • Third way is very simple, you will find a magnifying glass icon and small dots just above on dock icons. These small dots contains home screen, you just have to tap on it and it will show you the home screen it acquires. Dot with white showing current screen and this is also a quick way to navigate home screens.

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