Applications designed to create, edit, convert and merge PDF Files

Most of the people don’t have much knowledge of Adobe Reader used to open PDF documents. They don’t know how to edit, convert or merge PDF files. Well! This tutorial will guide you to identify applications that are best for creating, editing, merging and extracting PDF format files.

How to create a PDF Document

Scratch PDF editor is specific for creating PDF documents. It gives you facility to add images, text and content related to PDF document for editing. It also allows you to add shapes into your PDF document. To make your document more attractive, you can add border and change its color, size and style. The software is not designed to open PDF files that are already exists.

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How to convert documents in PDF format

CutePDF software allows you to convert any type of file into PDF format. When you install it, you will find it as a “Printer sub system”. It has capability to convert files including WordPad, Microsoft Office applications and Libre Office Programs etc.

To open any document into PDF format, select CutePDF Writer as printer then click on “OK” button, it will covert file rather that printing as the application is not for printing purpose.

How to extract and merge PDF files

Sometime you need to extract and merge multiple pages. PDFmechanic is available to merge PDF files, extract pages and also convert files that are in PDF format into html or txt format.

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