WPtouch plugin to create WordPress Blog in Mobile version

Your blog should look great whether you are on your PC or on any other mobile device. Mobile is most commonly used device today, so here you will how to create Mobile version blog.

You all might be familiar with WordPress, a good tool for making websites or blogs. gives you stylish iOS theme to use in mobile but if you want to create site as you like then you have to use

WPtouch plugin lets you to make site or blog with iOS style theme without any fee. That’s really great! Check below steps to add Plugin

  • Log in to WordPress Dashboard. Click on “Add New” under option “Plugins” located at left menu.
  •   Write “WPtouch” in search field and click on “Search Plugins” button.
  •  Install Plugin from link as normally. That’s it! Beautiful iOS theme will be added to your mobile device.

To customize your blog, you can change WPtouch settings as you want. To do so, click on “WPtouch” under “Settings” option located at left menu. From here you can change background, color font and many more. In other plugins like W3 Cache and WP Cache, you have to customize settings to work with WPtouch.

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