Project ‘Homes for the Homeless’ Aims To Offer Sleeping Pods For The Homeless

homes for the homeless 2

There are thousands of homeless people living on the streets of countries all across the World. A British architect has however began an initiative to end this with an innovative idea to provide shelter for the homeless living in the streets, starting in London. James Furzer says that sleeping pods will be created to be attached to buildings and serve as a temporary housing space for those in need. The project named ‘Homes for the Homeless’ was entered into the ‘Space for New Visions’ competition and it was able to win the 5000 Euro prize.


The capsules that are made to be attached to the outside walls of buildings are made out of plywood and a metal frame, and they can be installed together or are separately. The structure also has a sleeping room that comes with a mattress for them to sleep on. The main aim of the project is to help the approximately 750 people who sleep on the streets every day.

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“The cheap internal material selection is not to add luxury, it is simply to provide a warm, dry, comfortable place to rest, with simply a sleeping platform and a selection of ‘pull down’ wall shelves,” Furzer said.

Furzer has also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make the project a reality. The goal that he aims to reach is £940.

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