How to create iPhone backup

When you connect iPhone to your computer, it automatically creates backup for your phone on that computer. But you can create manual backup as well for your iPhone. To make backup for your iPhone or any other device is a good idea, because if you have any issue or problem in your device, backup can help you in this situation. It is also helpful when you upgrade to latest iOS version or install any updates on your phone. The process of making iPhone backup is very simple and easy; here are those steps which will help you to make iPhone backup.

  • First of all, connect your iPhone into your computer. After connecting it to your computer, you will launch iTunes.
  • Here you will select your iPhone from devices list, and right click on your iPhone to continue.
  • When you right click on it, a drop down menu will appear where you will see different options; you will click on back up.
  • It will start creating iPhone backup. When it finishes, close iTunes. The backup for iPhone has been created successfully.

Now you can use this backup anytime, you need it.

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