Google To Offer World fastest 1 Gb/ sec Internet Access

Here is another Google story for today. In an announcement Google announced that they are going to start rolling out 1GB internet over fiber to select communities. Not only that but they say they are going to offer competitive pricing and allow open access to the fiber networks to allow multiple service providers to access the network.

According to the Google Blog post “Our goal is to experiment with new ways to help make Internet access better and faster for everyone.” In this experiment Google plans on running a few things through the ringer. First they plan on getting developers involved and getting some next generation apps out there. I have always complained that one of the reasons cloud based applications don’t work for me is because there is not enough bandwidth to push the data for the applications I use. If I were to use 1GB internet I may be able to use Photoshop over the web remotely accessing a powerhouse server and my machine becomes a glorified terminal. This is just my first thought, imagine what developers will be able to do with all that speed.

Google also said they are going to experiment with how networks are deployed. They will also share this information with the world. If plans of a connected world are to come to life then the connections need to be well thought out. Google is the perfect company to run these tests. Their only concern is to get people on the internet. They won’t make money over charging for access because their money revenue is from ads. In that sense they also said they are allowing open access to the network for service providers. Also Google said they are going to manage the network in an open, non-discriminatory and transparent way. Good choice for them, I agree with net neutrality and the fact that Google does too makes me trust them more.

Here is the round up. Google is going to offer blazing fast internet, allow multiple service providers, and keep the network open. Every time I think Google is too big and can’t possibly do any more they surprise me. I do think they have to tread lightly though. I know they just want to get people online and connected but if they keep taking over the internet and how you access it regulation may be in their future. I never really thought they were a moving towards a monopoly until this announcement. I don’t think they are simply due to the way they run their business but the internet is such a new thing I hope government officials understand how its going. Some officials in particular don’t have a clue.

Here is the official announcement video

If you want to get involved and submit your community for consideration for this new fiber network visit I will be on there getting my town on the list, I hope you do too.

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