Intel Needs To Make More Jeffreys Robots

If you have a knack of Humaniod robots, this for for u.Have a look at this new Intel Commercial for their new line of Core processors.They have introduced this robot character “Jeffrey”. For what it’s worth, Intel, with the amount of money that this commercial probably cost you, I bet you could have made an actual Jeffrey.

Jeffrey has his own Facebook page, of course, complete with vacation photos and wisecracks in binary. Here’s his bio:

Activities: Beeping, moving around stiffly, applying logic to problems, speaking in monotone, computin’ and figurin’, weightlifting

Interests: Binary Code, Quantum theory, sensory robotics, differential calculus, grilled cheese sandwiches, muscle cars, full contact chess, flight simulator games, number crunching and going for long rolls on the beach.

Favorite Movies: Terminator, Short Circuit, Tron, Star Wars, The Matrix, Iron Giant, A.I, and the Ernest series.

Favorite Music: Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Rush, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, The Zep, Chemical Brothers. Pretty much all electronica. And Crunk.

Favorite Books: I, Robot; 1984; old Commodore 64 user manuals (still hilarious).

Favorite TV Show:
Battlestar Gallactica, Robot Chicken, Star Trek, Lost, Battle Bots, Top Chef, Jeopardy,The Jetsons, America’s Next Top Rocket Scientist and Anderson Cooper 360

Mmm, grilled cheese sandwiches… I like this robot.


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