10 Dogs Who Couldn’t Be More Delighted That Spring Is Here

While the change from Winter hasn’t taken its full effect in some areas as yet, Spring is upon us! Some of us just can’t wait to see the rejuvenation of the beautiful flowers blooming in their different colours. This season you won’t only see the kids at parks running around playing but also the cheery dogs prancing around on the grass, and lurking around in your garden sniffing the flowers. Spring for them is just always so good that they even dare to taste it, chewing away the petals of your botany’s blossoms.

Research has shown that dogs are not only happier, but also healthier when Spring comes around. This should be obvious to most of us because we all know that dogs love to run around freely, and unfortunately the cold Winter snows don’t grant them that chance. They gain extra weight and miss being outdoors.

Check out these 10 dogs that have already begun to experience the thrills of Spring.


1. Oh boy! This smells good.

spring dog 1


2. I wanna be Queen of Spring one day.

spring dog 2


3. Sweet Jesus… this is comfy.

spring dog 3


4. Whoo! Bring out the frisbees!

spring dog 4


5. Dude? You smell that? Soo sedating…

spring dog 5


6. Wee! Look at me!

spring dog 6


7. Yummy!

spring dog 7


8. I bet I look aesthetically-pleasing among these lavender flowers.

spring dog 8


9. Spring always seems to calm the inner me.

spring dog 9


10. This garden is just heavenly…

spring dog 10

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