The “Break The Window To Rescue A Dog” Law Is Now An Even Bigger Debate After This Photo Of A Dog In A Car Went Viral

A debate about dogs being left in hot cars has again ignited when a tweet went viral. People are still pitching their concerns on whether passersby should break the window to rescue a dog or keep walking. In the tweet, there was a photo of a dog that was left alone in a parked car.

7 Crucial Things Dog Owners Can Learn From Their Dogs

Most times you hear a parent say that they will be getting pets for their children, they would back-up their decision by adding that this will teach their children to be responsible. Having thought about it, I don’t think that it’s only the children that will always have something to learn from having pets around,

10 Dogs Who Couldn’t Be More Delighted That Spring Is Here

While the change from Winter hasn’t taken its full effect in some areas as yet, Spring is upon us! Some of us just can’t wait to see the rejuvenation of the beautiful flowers blooming in their different colours. This season you won’t only see the kids at parks running around playing but also the cheery

Stray Dogs Pay Their Respect To A Kind Woman By Attending Her Funeral

Unlike the other dedicated people that have endearingly focused their interesting on caring for dogs, this humble woman from Mérida, Mexico did just the same even though she didn’t run a shelter or work with a registered animal organization, or had a fat pay cheque being deposited into her bank account. Margarita Suárez, never hesitated to

10 Dogs That Are Great Illusions Of Teddy Bears

Dogs are simply amazing animals. You can always depend on them to be the friend that won’t criticize or leave you hanging. While you can always count on them to be a good friend, we must also remember that they are always there for us when we need a hug. Have you ever found yourself looking at

Watch Out Human Ball Boys! Dogs Are Now Dominating Your Job

After it was discovered that last year received the lowest-ever ratings for a men’s U.S. Open final, some tennis organisers decided that it was time to add a little entertainment value to the game. Though it might not be a sustainable alternative for pushing television viewership in the long run, the organisers of the ASB Classic

7 After and Before Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing-Up

Dogs are truly special friends as for the years that the grown-up with us, they make us feel like we are never alone. Sometimes when you talk to your dog you would feel like they understand you as like a child they hide away when you call them bad, and when you say ‘treat time’

15 of the Best Guilty Dog Mugs: #14 is Absolutely Hilarious

Most people never realize just how smart dogs are.  Because they evolved to live in packs, communication was essential for their survival and ultimately, becoming man’s best friend.  A dog can be trained to know what is wrong and what is right, and based on these perfectly timed photos, they know when they messed up

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Of The World

Dogs are quite famous with human race. Also known as man’s best friend, these creatures are loyal and friendly (well, some of them). They’ll watch your back for you and can be taught a number of tricks. Humans grow fond dogs as well and you’ll find some very interesting and heart touching stories where dogs

7 Weird Weapons Of World War II

Between 1939 and 1945, one of the worst wars in history was fought out between two opposing forces that were so large and wide-spread, it became known as the Second World War. In a bid to stop Adolf Hitler and his allies, who were known as the ‘Axis’ powers, the ‘Allies’ worked on many weapons