7 Crucial Things Dog Owners Can Learn From Their Dogs

dogs body language 3

Most times you hear a parent say that they will be getting pets for their children, they would back-up their decision by adding that this will teach their children to be responsible. Having thought about it, I don’t think that it’s only the children that will always have something to learn from having pets around, dogs in particular.

We may not realize it but there are tons of things that our dogs teach us. Check out this list of things that you can learn from having a dog in your household.


1. Be forgiving

dogs forgive

No matter how much you yell at and put your dog to shame, they will come around to forgive you in no time. You should practice forgiveness because it reduces anxiety and lowers your blood pressure.


2. Go on walks everyday

dogs walking

One of the safest ways to burn extra calories and improve heart health is to go on walks regularly. It will also keep your bones strong and keep your mind sharp.


3. Don’t hide your love

dogs love

When dogs love, they love hard and they aren’t afraid to show it as it can be seen when they try to protect you when a stranger comes around no matter how small they are in size. This is a perfect approach for humans as it is proven to be a successful method when strengthening your relationship.


4. Stick to your daily routine

dogs routine

Dogs are able to tell whether its Monday or Sunday because they like to stick to a consistent routine which makes them healthy. The same should go for a human as if you go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, even on weekends, you can drastically improve your quality of life.


5. Drink water

dogs drink water

Dogs tend to be very active and because of this, they drink water constantly. You should drink enough water yourself especially on hot days or after a workout as water gives your tissues and muscles critical fluid and does not add to your calorie count.


6. Be aware of body language

dogs body language

Due to the fact that dogs aren’t able to understand the language we speak as humans, they make up for this by being great at reading each other’s intent from body language. It is always key to be able to tell your love ones’ feelings and emotions from just their speech patterns, posture and through eye contact.


7. Get lots of sleep

dogs nap

You will never catch a dog going through their day from morning to night without ever closing their eyes for some time. Statistics show that people who take naps regularly are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than occasional nappers. It is also said that 15-20 minutes of napping can enhance job performance and alertness.

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