How to Change the Visual Appearance of Mac?

Apple Mac is a well admired and widely accepted operating system. It has a couple of matchless features. In Apple Mac, PRAM or parameter RAM is the one in which the important and basic information of the system is stored. This basic information includes monitor settings, network settings, time zone, boot drive and mouse or keyboard settings, etc. and is important for the Mac to function properly.

The working of PRAM is directly related with the battery. Means, if the Mac has dead battery then besides installing the new battery you must have to reset the PRAM. Otherwise your Mac will not perform as intended and will pose several problems.

The parameters of the PRAM which needs to be changed or reset after replacement of battery includes start up disk, date and time, monitors and sounds, keyboard and mouse, memory, network and AppleTalk and auto on/off.

You can change the visual appearance of your Mac by resetting the parameter of monitor settings. For better visual impact you can experiment with monitor bit depth and resolution. Following this technique you will end up in quite improved visual appearance of your Mac.

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