15 of the Best Guilty Dog Mugs: #14 is Absolutely Hilarious

Most people never realize just how smart dogs are.  Because they evolved to live in packs, communication was essential for their survival and ultimately, becoming man’s best friend.  A dog can be trained to know what is wrong and what is right, and based on these perfectly timed photos, they know when they messed up and can show genuine guilt bordering shame, embarrassment and disappointment in themselves.  Here are the 15 best guilty mug shots of dogs that will just make you pity and love them at the same time; you wouldn’t consider a serious punishment when you see number 12!

1. Maybe if I’m confident she won’t suspect a thing!


2. This is his “I may or may not have peed on the carpet” face

Guilty-dog- (1)   3. Running for treats, thinking the crime hasn’t been discoveredguilty-dogs    4.  Taking it like a boss Guilty-dog- (4)     5. That smirk is not doing you any justice, Buffy. Guilty-dog- (15)     6. “Hi, friend. You’re home early!” Guilty-dog- (6)     7. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Guilty-dog- (11)   8. Whatever he did, you would forgive him. Guilty-dog- (5)   10. “I Swear this is not what it looks like!” Guilty-dog- (17)   11. His face screams “It was totally worth it!” Guilty-dog- (14)   12. He was surprised his hiding spot was found after he stole the baby’s food. Guilty-dog- (3)     13. His personal collection of stolen goodies Guilty-dog- (12)   14. He wishes the tub could just swallow him Guilty-dog- (7)   15. MUST. NOT. MAKE. EYE. CONTACT.Guilty dog

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