iMessage a Dazzling new Add-on

This year Apple introduced a dazzling new feature for its iOS users namely “iMessage”. For those of you that own a BlackBerry handset, would have the feature called bbm or in other words Black Berry Messaging, which allows users to use its services to communicate between other members of the bbm community. Quite similarly Apple designed this new feature “iMessage” to work in the same fashion for its iOS users. It would simply allow them to connect via 3G or wifi, enabling them then to send and receive messages, pictures and videos in between other iMessage community members. iMessage will only be available to those that have iOS 5 beta 1 version installed.

Both iMessage and BBM have all the features in common with the exception that iMessage would allow users to use wifi instead to connect. Enabling users to acquire read and delivery reports, the ability to send multimedia files and being notified of real time typing. Users also get the ease of continuing their left over conversations from any other iOS device.

BBM had its own set of limitations among which BIS data plan was one of them, while its counterpart iMessage would give users the ease to use both wifi and 3G to connect and communicate, which means they would be able to use both iPad and iPod touch other than their iPhones. A feature that would help users to use iMessage too other then bbm.

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