One-Year-Old’s Friend & Protector Is A Duck That Follows Him Everywhere

tyler and bee 1

This is what you would call an unlikely friendship. Since he was just a little duckling, Beaker the duck, or Bee, became best friends with his human Tyler. Their friendship was so strong that baby Tyler’s first word was even “duck’!

tyler and bee 9

“They did everything together, play, eat, nap, etc.,” Tyler’s mom, Jennifer Young, said. “Luckily he [Bee] was easy to train with a harness.”

tyler and bee 3

Since the nine months ago when Bee was brought home, the bond between the toddler and the duck has only grown.

tyler and bee 5


“When Tyler was about 9 months old my husband was buying duck food and saw Beaker,” explained Jennifer. “He brought him home and from that day forward he hasn’t left Tyler’s side. If he cries, Bee quacks and runs to him.”

“From the time these two get up till the time they go to bed, it’s chaos,” says Young, affectionately.

tyler and bee 8

The adorableness however doesn’t come without some trouble as Young says that the two can tear Tyler’s room apart in five minutes flat, and then look equally guilty when she catches them.

tyler and bee 11

“Bee steals snacks when Tyler isn’t looking, they play outside together, go to the park together, enjoy wagon rides together, and Bee is always supervising bath time,” the mom added. “I never pictured myself having a pet duck that lives inside. But it’s amazing to see these two in action.”

tyler and bee 10

Bee is also “very protective of his boy. If I am holding Tyler and he’s crying, Bee is at my feet quacking, making sure he’s not hurt,” Young says.

tyler and bee 7

Bee however isn’t the only pet duck that Young has. Previously she had a dozen or more of them at a time. They have mostly been outside pets until Bee. Bee has opened her eyes to how keeping an indoor duck “isn’t nearly as weird as it seems.”

tyler and bee 4

“At first I laughed put loud when I learned people kept ducks inside wearing a diaper,” Young says. “Bee is just as loyal, smart, and sweet as any dog or cat. As far as Tyler knows, having a pet duck is the thing to have. He loves his Beaker, and he will tell you just that.”

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