Hide YouTube, Safari, and Other Default App Icons in iOS 5

If the user has never used the YouTube app, it will be quickly disabled. This method is more preferable than just stuffing it into a folder with other default apps you don’t use.Users can also find some core iOS features which can be disabled in the menu, including things like Ping, iTunes and the ability

Disable Carrier IQ on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch

In iphone, ipad, and ipod touch there is a feature of carrier IQ which helps the manufacturer to obtain the remarks of the user in case of any error or performance fall out. This sometimes seems very irritating to submit the remarks as you are in some serious matter or do not have time for

How to disable data use in iPhone

If you are using limited data plan on your phone, you can disable anytime data usage in iPhone. This will help you in using cellular data, because if you disable it the phone will restrict you to use data. It acts like a lock over data usage and prevents extra charges in your bill. When

You can disable in app purchases from iPhone

If you give iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your child as gift or purchase for his/her use, you should disable in app purchases from iOS devices before giving them. They can download number of applications, and at the end it will cost you a huge amount to pay. In iOS devices, you can disable

How to disable keyboard clicks sound when entering text

When you enter text through keyboard on your phone, you hear click sound. This sound may annoy you or causes of disturbance to others who are sitting around you. When you input text on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can disable click sound in order to avoid the disturbance. This procedure is very simple