You can disable in app purchases from iPhone

If you give iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your child as gift or purchase for his/her use, you should disable in app purchases from iOS devices before giving them. They can download number of applications, and at the end it will cost you a huge amount to pay. In iOS devices, you can disable the purchases which will prevent users to download applications. This is a very good function to use, if you are planning to buy an iPhone or other iOS device for your kids. Here is the guideline to disable in app purchases from iOS devices.

  • This is very easy to apply, to start it you will tap on settings in your iPhone. Then you will tap on general.
  • At next, you will see the option of ‘restrictions’, tap on it. Here it will ask you for a passcode, enter the passcode to continue.
  • After entering the passcode, it will show you options where you will select or tap “Enable Restrictions” to turn it on.
  • Then you will scroll down and tap on ‘In-App Purchases’, now tap on ‘off’ and it will be disabled.

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