10 DIY Outdoor Games That Will Brighten Your Summer

Summer days are perfect for little-to-no-skill–needed lawn games with family and friends. Here are 10 DIY outdoor games you can enjoy during this summer:

1. Hopscotch 


This is a game of balance and all you need is a chalk to draw the boxes and a small object such as a stone to use as a marker.

2. Horseshoes


This game, the players take turns throwing horseshoes at a target which is a stake in the ground. It requires some skill but I am sure you will eventually get the “hang” of it.

3. Cornhole

cornhole game

A beanbag-toss game centred around having a good aim to loft your beanbag into the hole of your opponent’s plywood.

4. Lawn Bowling

lawn bowlin

Re-use leftover plastic bottles in a game of lawn bowling by filling them with some gravel or sand. Arrange them, then use a ball approximately the size of a regular bowling ball to knock them down, if you’re lucky you may even make a strike.

5. Pipe Ball

pipe ball

Instead of shooting a foam basketball at a door-mounted hoop, you are arcing a ball at a mounting of pipes in this game. The height and angle of the pipes are varied making it difficult to score. It could be fun but also frustrating, good luck, you’ll need all the help you can get.

6. Ladder Golf

ladder golf

This game is played by tossing a pair of golf balls connected by a nylon cord on a ladder. The objective is to ensure your contraption remains on the ladder.

7. Viking Chess

viking game

This Swedish game also called Kubb, involves throwing short dowels at your opponent’s pieces to knock them over. It is quite unconventional but generally fun.

8. Lawn Twister

lawn twister

The game built only for the agile and flexible can now be played on your lawn by spraying a variety of colors on an old piece of cloth or even the lawn.

9. Crazy Croquet

crazy croquet

This game is played using a mallet and its course can be constructed using random objects such as recycled scraps, rocks, sand traps or bricks to create ramps, gullies, tunnels, bridges and sand traps. The first player to complete the course is the winner.

10. Ring Toss

Bottle Ring Toss

You can play this game by using glass bottles and rings. The aim is to try to get all your rings around the bottles before your opponent does.

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