10 of the Funniest Restaurant Menu Translation Errors Ever Spotted By Travelers

When a restaurant is formulating their menu, we can say that it is in their every intention to make their food sound delicious and having you tempted to order it. The title and the description of a plate should make you want to spend more money so that you can enjoy every second of it. If travelers from different countries with different native languages tend to show up at their restaurant, it then means that you will have to cater to these people and have the name and description of the dish translated so that they can know what they are reading as well as may order to eat for themselves. This is not as easy as it sounds, and you will find out from these photos.

Seeing that they will help your customer to decide whether or not they want to order a dish that a restaurant serves, it obviously means that translations are very important, as no one would want to eat “deep fried baby”. no matter how savory it looks at the table across from yours. Apparently, there are a number of restaurant across the world that chose to ignore the important of translations and ended up with some hilarious results. Check out this list of some of the funniest restaurant menu translation errors that travelers have ever came across.


1. Eat or have you and your family be eaten.

menu translation fail 6

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