Customize MobileMe Settings in Mac OS X

By taking into account different computers available and different user configurations, no doubt that while upgrading major OS there is a chance of mistake.

There was a successful installation of OS X Lion in the mid-2010. Even after using Lion Cache Cleaner post-install in order to clear out any cruft from Snow Leopard, MobileMe contacts and calendar events were not able to come to iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

You can see that the “Synchronize with MobileMe” box was completely unchecked when you open the System Preferences. So it is time to install OS X Lion. You just have to get things going with automatic sync as your first attempt should be to re-enable sync. You just have to click Sync Now after again enabling sync and selecting the options that MobileMe has to handle.

Now in order to push the clean iMac data back to the cloud and the resetting sync services you can sense that the MobileMe’s cloud had transformed to dark.

By selecting the MobileMe sync icon in the Finder menu just hold down the option key which is present at the bottom. There will be an option “Rest sync services”, just select it.

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