Find your missing iPhone

If you lost your phone in your sofa cushion, in duvet or somewhere around in your room, you can find it easily by ringing. There is web link ‘’, which can be helpful you when you misplace your phone somewhere. If you are at home, and keep it somewhere, but could not find it later.

Set up “Find My iPhone” MobileMe service on older iOS models

“Find My iPhone” is MobileMe service that allows you to track for your beloved iPhone that you lost. This service is now available for free if you update your device to iOS 4.2.1. By default it is present in fourth generation iOS devices but is not available in older versions. But what you will do

Customize MobileMe Settings in Mac OS X

By taking into account different computers available and different user configurations, no doubt that while upgrading major OS there is a chance of mistake. There was a successful installation of OS X Lion in the mid-2010. Even after using Lion Cache Cleaner post-install in order to clear out any cruft from Snow Leopard, MobileMe contacts