Galileo Gives Your iPhone A New Sense

There have been many gadgets and accessories around in the market particularly circling Apple in which you will find a lot of useful, playful or even annoying gadgets as well. But some definitely deserve credit and they change up the experience of your iPhone with their integration. One of the new gadget we got to know was “Galileo” That scientist named accessory will explain its creation or probably the name of creation in the video!

So the selling pitch of this gadget is that it contains a great advantage over face time or even photography. What happens is that when you fix your iPhone or iPod in the Galileo than it manoeuvres the device according to the command of user who is connected to it via some other device. This type of technology or specifically the use of such technology helps alot, like if i want to have a face time with my friend all i will do is fix my iPhone with the Galileo and continue my work which i have been doing, the person whose connected with me would change the direction of Galileo from his phone/tablet and he can see around easily. Such type of wonderful use could be a great thing in terms of photography or face time. Watch the video to have a glimpse of this device!

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