iPhone 5 release to Account for Apple orders

Apple has thrown bundle of products into market to attract and give more benefits to Apple users. Well now it seems that Apple is going to release next generation iPhone. After successful achievement of older iPhone versions, it has decided to throw iPhone 5. No doubt, iPhone is a wonderful release and raised iOS smartphone orders for half of the 2011.

An article on Chinese site stated that order volume of iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS taking the orders of Apple from 50 million up to 56 million for the second half of 2011.

Moreover, statement came from an unknown source that total iPhone shipment units will be 95 million in this year.

Well for Apple, it is not difficult to throw 26 million of iPhone 5 handsets to next generation. Also we cannot say that the new generation iPhone will be lower end less expensive. Everyone is expecting for a cheaper iPhone but Apple has not given any claim regarding cheap iPhone.

So, we could not guess that either Apple has put news about a less expensive iPhone or rumors could be wrong and there will be no cheaper iPhone 5.

Be patient and see what Apple will do in this year, how many handsets it will throw and what will be the cost of new iPhone 5.

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