Here are different fixes for iPhone 4S activation problems

When new iPhone 4S users are going to unlock their phone, they see different activation problems. Different messages occur at your phone screen conveying the error like ‘could not activate iPhone’, or simply ‘activation’ with spinning cursor. These messages sometimes appear due to overloaded activation servers. Sometimes, the activation process takes too much time like in hours and in the end gives activation failure error. Here are some possible fixes and solutions to ‘could not activate iPhone’ error.

  • You can call to AT&T hotline by dialing 611 and talk to customer services representative for manual activation.
  • You can also visit AT&T website, and go to online activation web page. It will help you to activate your phone.
  • Send an email to AT&T customer care, tell them your account number and contact number and request for direct activation. You can also tweet them but email is more appropriate way to activate your phone.
  • Or you can try yourself once again to activate phone. The server’s load may be lighter and catch up your activation request.

These are some basic and possible solutions, if you find iPhone activation problem.

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