How to Convert DMG Installer to a Bootable USB Drive?

Mac users can easily make a bootable USB thumb drive. It will also allow them to install Lion on their Mac without any optical drive. To convert DMG to a bootable USB drive, you need copy of the DMG installer and a 4GB USB drive or memory card reader. Having these things, start with the given procedure.

  • Open the Disk Utility on Mac.
  • On its left side, tap the USB drive.
  • Click on the Restore tab in the right pane
  • Press the Browse button and find the .dmg installer
  • Select the .dmg installer. Select the USB drive from the left pane and drag & drop it to the destination box.
  • Tap the Restore button. It is recommended to backup data on the thumbdrive before this step.
  • After few minutes you will have bootable OS X Lion thumbdrive.
  • When the apple logo appears, hold down the Alt or Option key and boot with the thumbdrive in Mac.
  • To install OS X lion from the USB thumbdrive, select the USB.

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