Changing the gender voice with Siri’s Voice

Siri’s Voice is a useful application which works on iphone 4, and 4S. Siri’s gender and voice is different based on the region, with a female voice for USA and Australian, and a male voice in the UK. You can change the voice regardless of the location you are using this app in iphone 4S. By this the user can change the voice just by switching the language settings.

Before applying the changes one thing to remember is that Siri is programmed to identify and change the accents and dialects. By changing the language settings it can result in diminishing dictation quality and reduce voice recognition. For gaining the best results you must adopt a fake accent whatever version you are changing to.

Following are the steps to start this application and change the voices which are very simple and easy:

  1. Firstly Launch “Settings” and then tap on “General”
  2. Tap on “Siri” application and choose a different language from the settings
  3. Close out of Settings

Current choices and their accompanying genders are

  • English (Australia) – female
  • English (United Kingdom) – male
  • English (United States) – female

After completing the steps you are now able to change the voice and start having fun with your friends.

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