Creating a time lapse video of your face with Watch Me Change for iPhone

A new application has been introduced with the name of “Watch Me Change”. Basic feature of this app is to create time lapse videos of your changing face, pregnancy, weight. Take a picture of yourself daily and watch me change will turn these images into a time lapsed video which will be played by a single tap. The most appreciating feature of this application is that you can share this self made image video to social networking websites like YouTube, facebook, sharing it with other family members over the internet. This application is available at a nominal price of $0.99 from iphone app store.

Following are the chief features of this application:

  • Timed reminders to help you take pictures every day of the face you want to capture in motion with an integrated delay function if the time is not right
  • Complete flexibility in taking the pictures of faces changing. There is no need to have your subject in the same place or wearing the same things every day – the overlay feature takes care of making your photos match up
  • Full control over the final product, including removing specific images from the video or adjusting its length
  • Tools to upload your video to social networking sites with a simple click

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