Use AE/AF Lock on the iPhone’s camera in iOS 5

Feeling disturbed from the Auto focus feature of the iphone’s camera! That’s not a problem it is easy and simple requiring a few steps to be followed. Before going further one thing to be remembered is that this procedure mentioned here is for iOS 5 version. The major advantages of this feature are that it locks the exposure and focus also you can recompose your shot without camera kicking.

For this the steps are:

  1. Launch the camera app and get your subject in the frame
  2. Tap the object/person you want to focus on and hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds
  3. Release your finger after the blue focus square pulsates
  4. The square will disappear and AE/AF Lock will appear at the bottom of the screen Perfect your composure and snap the photo!

By this you can now take an image of a moving object which requires the camera to refocus .Now you can take snap at any time by adjusting AE/AF lock. Leaving no chance capture the opportunity of making memories of life time.

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