This New Artificial Skin Is Even Better Than Yours

Sensors have advanced beyond the limits of human expectations. Now a sensor can detect more than the human senses. Professor Hossam Haick along with his team members at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology developed an artificial skin capable of sensing temperature, Humidity, weather and changes in the environment. According to him these flexible sensors consume less

Top 10 Countries with Perfect Climate

Perfect climate is something hard to find. It’s sunny or rainy, cold or hot; finding areas with moderate temperature and climate for everyone to enjoy is a little off grid with the ever changing weather patterns of the world! Still, whether you like snow or sand, we are here with the top 10 countries with

Top 10 iPhone Apps by Sales Volume

In line with our previous list of top selling games for the iPhone, today we present to you the 10 top selling paid apps for the device. No 10. Hipstamatic Price: $1.99 Hipstamatic is a camera app that goes beyond other photo apps for the iPhone, turning your device into a full- fledged digital camera.