Capturing Snowflakes In Ultra Detail

Indeed photography is an art of capturing exquisiteness from one’s own perspective. Today Alexey Kljatov showed us some of his amazing shots. What make them an exclusive piece of art are the detail, precision and quality of the visual along with the subject that is beyond imagination. He has taken snowflakes as subject of his photography.

He takes these spectacular pictures with the equipment that he developed at home, eradicating the need for expensive cameras and lenses. Moscow-based Kljatov is a layperson yet his work stands out. He used parts from old cameras and attached them to wooden boards using some screws and tape. The close-up views of the snowflakes are fascinating. As they say no two snowflakes are identical, Kljatov’s photographs prove that. They look like miniature pieces of glass, cut by a high-exactitude laser beam.

snowflake-closeup2-550x412 snowflake-closeup4-550x412 snowflake-closeup5-550x412 snowflake-closeup6-550x412 snowflake-closeup7-550x412 snowflake-closeup8-550x412 snowflake-closeup9-550x412 snowflake-closeup10-550x423 snowflake-closeup-550x412

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