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10 Of The Most Perfectly & Beautifully Grown Bonsai Trees

One of the most beautiful trees on Earth is the Bonsai tree. It might also be one of the only trees that you can fit in your home. The beauty of  bonsai tree always promises to bring beauty to your space, encourage patience and dedication, purify the air and even relieve stress. Doesn’t that make it one of the best plants to put inside your home too?

Bonsai trees have been a plant favorite for many people for over a thousand years, being cared for. Originated in China, the ancient horticultural practice is known as “penzai”. It was then redeveloped under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism. The tinniness of the Bonsai tree is kept due to growth-restricting techniques such as pinching buds, pruning and wiring branches, and restricting the use of fertilizers. Though it’s a delicate and time-consuming process, the reward for your perseverance is something beautiful. Check out these photos of what your bonsai tree could look like if you were to buy one and treat it like your child.


1. Pyracantha

bonsai trees 1

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